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    Hello Soldiers,
    It has been a few months now since we introduced you to our new set of team members. Not only have we been impressed with their hard work thus far, but we have also heard a lot of positive feedback from within the community.

    Occasionally, we have to give out some disheartening news. Today we will see three team members stepping down from their positions. We would like to take this moment to say goodbye to [HGM]Lavish, [HGM]Bino, and [HGM]Spawn as they will no longer be active…

    Please read below for in-game event rules and this month's community events held by our HGM's! Remember to stay safe and wash your hands!


    Roll the dice and play a match on the map you landed on! For every time you complete a rotation around the board, you will receive 5,000 Dinar and a Marble Event Ticket (Premium members receive 2 Tickets). You can use the Tickets to get valuable items for free!

    CQC & BQ Maps: You need to play with at least 3 other players in your room and the match must be 5 minutes or longer.

    PvE Maps: Your match must be 10 minutes or longer. You can play in a team or alone.

    Start & Free Play: You can play any map you want! (CQC, BG, or PvE).

    Jail: You have to play 5 matches (CQC, BG, or PvE) before you can roll the dice again.

    Furlough: You have to play a Deathmatch - Kamikaze battle (Pistol, Rifle, or Sniper).


    Kill the Madmen in the Survivor, Defense, and Time Attack Modes.

    Kill the Madmen to accumulate points and receive prizes at the target event point tiers!


    Iron, the Best Protection!

    Self-isolation may not be easy, but in War Rock, we have figured out a new way to stay safe from the COVID19: go in a vehicle and hunt not only the virus, but also your enemies! Either drive a tank or pilot a helicopter to start training now in order to win!


    Stay Home!

    You have all recently watched or listened to the news regarding the importance of social distancing and staying at home. This not only protects yourself but also your loved ones from the newest virus that is affecting the entire world. In War Rock, we want to help push this initiative of staying at home as a protective measure. However, nobody said we're not allowed to have fun at home!



    This month, we will be running a fun Trivia Event! This event won't test your aim or movement in-game, however, it will test your brain power and how fast you can come up with the correct answers. It's not all about shooting, time to outsmart your enemies!



    8 vs. 8 DM Challenge!

    You have been invited to come and play 8v8 Deathmatch! The question is, do you have what it takes?


    Kill It Before They Do!

    They say that there's a lot of fish in the sea, but can you catch the biggest one? Show us your skills by competing in an 8 vs 8 Stealth Mode!


    A Fool's Feat!

    When it comes to April Fools, you have to expect that the jokes don't end right away on the first of the month. We always have different ways of expressing such silliness, even in the game!


    Discussion of article April Sales:

    Hello War Rock Soldiers!

    The ban hammer is still strong!

    Note: If a user's name is on a particular list such as insulting more than once, the ban duration would have been increased with each subsequent ban.

    If you were banned by EAC you can contact them directly to appeal your ban. However, rest assured that all EACs bans are valid and if in a rare case a false positive occurs we will take action immediately and reverse the ban. We will also remove that players name from the Ban List.

    Have a nice day, and have fun in-game!

    War Rock Team




    Bug using


    Teaming BR

    Exp Farming

    EAC Permanent bans

    Discussion of article Valorant: Closed Beta starts 7th April:

    VALORANT, the competitive, 5v5 character-based tactical shooter built by Riot Games, is getting a closed beta starting April 7. We're ready for the first wave of players to test VALORANT's competitive gameplay and take our first step toward building a global community.

    For now, space is limited to players in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia and CIS countries. The plan is to roll out to more regions, if possible, pending the volatile logistics of launching a beta effectively during…

    We would like to congratulate to the top users from both the Global and SEA server for the Winter 2019 season!

    SEA server

    1st lCTDlxCustody (4576)
    2nd lSTUD (4126)
    3rd Populism (3727)
    4th lLMAOlRmanBETLOG (3470)
    5th mXmHarmonia (2390)
    6th lCharm (2200)
    7th iAMEE (2118)

    8th HuroroGamingYT (1997)
    9th lCharles (1961)
    10th mXmZynrex (1934)

    11th P0PPY (1799)
    12th eXeHephaetuS (1780)
    13th SInsOfHumor (1765)
    14th SMOKINGAREA (1722)
    15th CaroroYT (1685)
    16th PJloyality (1505)
    17th eXeJASH (1488)
    18th zLesterZSkyz (1479)
    19th bookhabol (1450)
    20th LJCHEZZYLJ (1421)
    21st Nudity (1406)
    22nd Vengful98 (1279)
    23rd angelolokoy123 (1265)
    24th lRClxTurquoise (1256)
    25th xNAVARRO (1245)
    26th MrlNightCrawler (1242)
    27th DanteMadarang (1233)
    28th Goyqt (1202)
    29th lLUKE (1168)
    30th lTKMlUncleRicks (1159)

    Global server

    1st Resurrection (2947)
    2nd Resistance (2859)
    3rd XapfelschorleX (1537)
    4th Horsel (1342)
    5th lKrestansky (1222)
    6th Electus (977)
    7th Pawel722 (936)
    8th vabue (907)
    9th Kostasr (905)
    10th lSymphoniie (896)

    11th Rispett0 (832)
    12th xWofe (751)
    13th EkooCANN (728)
    14th MERT34 (696)
    15th Sinewyy (684)
    16th ElReyOfWarrock (653)
    17th Hobs (650)
    18th 20Lion06 (626)
    19th MWBros (582)
    20th Midnight (571)
    21st cihadreflex (560)
    22nd Tazrix (522)
    23rd Tweety (509)
    24th xinfection (488)
    25th Schlumpfine92 (484)
    26th EasySn4ck (479)
    27th Strider (479)
    28th Natale (471)
    29th oReGioNaL (470)
    30th AntyChryst (463)

    Hello Soldiers,

    We would like to congratulate to the top users from both the Global and SEA server for the Fall 2019 season. For this season we split up the ranking based on server location in order to give out more rewards!

    Unfortunately, DE only saved the data of the top 120 players and therefore we only have the top 23 players from Global. We will make sure that this mistake does not happen again for next season.

    SEA server

    1st: HeadKnockers (8,704)
    2nd: lRClxTurquoise (8,026)

    3rd: lLMAOlJettBETLOG (7,130)
    4th: HaywanYou (7,046)
    5th: Populism (6,686)
    6th: Field (6,461)
    7th: Hypothesis (6,056)
    8th: lSWlxBabyMarc (6,010)
    9th: Gluttony (5,498)
    10th: lTlxUncleDave (5,313)
    11th: Espera (5,290)

    12th: SmokeBreaker (5,075)
    13th: lCTDlxHORHEE (4,941)
    14th: DOTxBurdz (4,798)
    15th: lCyeLunox (4,785)
    16th: 2VarsitY7 (4,688)
    17th: Myatt (4,666)
    18th: AesirX (4,664)
    19th: TheZhouDynasty (4,600)
    20th: SinsKAZUMI (4,336)
    21st: xSteffi (4,301)
    22nd: iiAlita (4,188)
    23rd: Labus0matz (4,187)
    24th: lSTUD (4,151)
    25th: Avarice (4,032)
    26th: Deltafierce (3,891)
    27th: 2JointsCarlo (3,756)
    28th: PlantsVSZombieS (3,709)
    29th: lSWlxTHeDeatHkiD (3,565)
    30th: IPillarIxJiru (3,452)

    Global server

    1st: Resurrection (10,514)
    2nd: Natale (6,471)

    3rd: XapfelschorleX (4,103)
    4th: lechu87 (3,599)
    5th: Kiyosueke (2,842)
    6th: Papaschlumpf93 (2,787)
    7th: LsDAstrix (2,602)
    8th: Psychedelics (2,517)
    9th: Tweety (2,414)
    10th: Kostasr (2,379)
    11th: D3MON3 (2,324)
    12th: Radom1926 (2,178)
    13th: bni0ehr (2,073)
    14th: pusht4k (1,956)
    15th: xnts (1,948)
    16th: Reasonable (1,838)
    17th: iReqAimZz (1,832)
    18th: hygienex (1,797)
    19th: Russk1lla (1,733)
    20th: LJMgdLJ (1,689)
    21st: DiStRuCktIoN13 (1,675)
    22nd: eloquenz (1,661)
    23rd: Schlumpfine92 (1,659)

    War Rock Team


    Discussion of article This Week in Call of Duty Warzone - March 23:

    Modern Warfare welcomes in a host of new content this week including a new map Khandor Hideout where Multiplayer fans can test out new strategies and tactics, Talon and his trusty dog Indiana join the fight with the Coalition in an all new bundle, four new weapons will be available to find and equip in Warzone, and an exclusive Behind the Scenes look at the making of Warzone. New content included in tomorrow’s update will be live at 11PM PT.


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    Discussion of article System Changes with March Update: