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  • Its Me (thats enough?).:)

    K now for real:

    My name is Carlos, i´ve 43 years old and i´m Portuguese.

    My nick in game is camtcamt and i´m a BG player for almost 15 years, with some interruptions in the middle.

    Already know and played with some of BME members in the past, already been in ur TS in the past too. U guys can find me a lot in Discord.

    My credit card number is : (will tell later ok?)

    If u guys want to know something more about me ask.

    BB and have good games.

  • Mari0 even last month (or begining of this 1) we´ve played a few Bandar´s together (i was in a 2nd acc) do u remember someone telling u "mario let´s smoke"?

    In the past i´ve passed a lot of time in Bandar, Engrene and Disturm, with the decrease of players i started to play other maps.....Returned 2 months ago from a 2 year pause.......

    I don´t know why but i remember ur nick from the past (for some reason i associate ur nick to sneekygit clan) but i could be confused too.....