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  • please everyone I already know that many are opposed to this but I don't find anything wrong with asking ..

    I would like to know how papaya has managed to block the overlock and how

    trying to overclock for example a fx8350 rises above 140 fps (I can even go up to 200) but then goes back up to 139 automatically after several seconds as if something would be synchronized ..

    we all know that in order to overclock on warrock we need w7 with hpet disabled (high precision even event time) and a cpu that is amd not beyond the bulldozer technology (ex; fx 8350) or a cpu intel (lga 1366)
    when you increase bclk or fsb you don't have a synchronized timer and therefore warrock runs faster (just do the test with wintimertester program)
    (WarRock supports internal timing regarding the clock frequency of the
    Front Side Bus (FSB) which is read and sent by the basic input / output
    system (BIOS). If someone overclocks this FSB frequency with certain
    software, it differs from the actual frequency that is sent by the BIOS.
    This has an impact on the basic calculation of the game and makes you
    gain unfair advantages from this.)

    warrock since EAC scans the entire computer I think this is what blocks overclocking ...
    I can't disable EASYANTICHEAT

    I tried on private warrock to overclock and obviously it works I can reach 200 fps because it has no EAC

    but since the new update that I think is from June they announced the overclocking fix

    if you notice warrock died randomly in my opinion of all these changes in the first place against overclocking because a game is good for this, to be able to transgress there are no more people active in this game as before ...

    could anyone explain how exactly they did to block the overlcock? : D
    and if there is a way to continue overclocking with eac?

  • Ben and why u can't tell us how?

    years ago you post on youtube warrock overclock video... ben from germantion

    Edited once, last by overclock: everyone is responsible for himself in life ... I see no reason not to answer a technical question ().