Featured War Rock Clean and Start 1.0.1

Improved FPS rate and performance issues under WarRock.

Batch file which has similar functionality to game booster, using only functions that are included with windows.

If you are experiencing performance issues or a low FPS rate, using this file may help.


  • Network card Accelleration – DCA, NetDMA
  • Closes unnecessary programs
  • Starts the game
  • Increases process priority of the game (the time the cpu spends processing the game)
  • Disables Windows aero (for vista/7 only)
  • Version 1.0.1

    Problem with "increase priority of WR" under EasyAntiCheat fixed.

  • If I don't want this .bat to open directly WarRock's Launcher...

    Do I only have to remove the string:

    1. ;cd "C:\Program Files\warrockEU\"
    2. ;start "" /HIGH "C:\Program Files\warrockEU\WRLauncher.exe"

    Is it enough?

  • Fixed

  • Not working under papaya (Increases process priority of the game). I take a look into it to fix this issue.