2 Year Anniversary Event

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Celebrate with us for our 2nd year with War Rock! To express our gratitude for all the support and love you've given us throughout the last two years of War Rock on Papaya Play, we are holding two events starting July 24th 00:00CEST.

Mystery Aqua Box Event

As a way to show our appreciation to you, the popular Aqua Mystery Box series are up for a serious deal! These events don’t come around often so be sure to take a chance while it lasts!

1. Buy 10x Mystery_VSS_Aqua_Box and receive 5x Mystery_VSS_Aqua_Box


2. Buy 10x Mystery_Vector_Aqua_Box and receive 5x Mystery_Vector_Aqua_Box


3. Buy 10x Mystery_F2000_Aqua_Box and receive5x Mystery_F2000_Aqua_Box


4. Buy10x Mystery_M134_Aqua_Box and receive5x Mystery_M134_Aqua_Box

*Rewards are received in each condition for up to 3 times

(Receive up to 15 free items in each condition!)

Remember that our Anniversary event will be running fromJuly 24th 00:00CEST to July 31th 23:59CEST! All rewards will be gifted on August 7th 02:00CEST.


Active Veteran Reward

This is your lucky chance to Win 1 of 100 different Premium Packages (Mystery boxes) we will be giving away! All winners and prizes will be announced on our website on August 23rd. Don't forget to enter and check for your chance to win!

Steps to win:

1. Login

All you have to do is login, play and have fun! Yes, It is that simple for a chance to win!

Active Veteran Reward event will be running from July 24th 00:00CEST to August 21th 23:59CEST.

We would like to thank everyone who has been incredibly supportive through our last 2 years of War Rock. We wish you all good luck and don’t forget to have fun!