System Changes

The Website is still under construction. We are working on new features and plugin updates.

Winter has arrived in War Rock and brought all the snow and festivity with it! Make sure to come check out the newest additions here.

New Achievements

The biggest festivity of the year is only a few days away and if you are looking to be kept busy over the holidays, we have a bunch of new achievements for you! Once you successfully meet the condition of each mission, you will be rewarded with either EXP, Dinar or a Mystery Box, as well as achievement points (AP)!


Returning Items and New Items


The Winter seasonal items have returned, and the brand new Christmas_2018_PKG and the Gingerbread_Man are now available in our in-game shop.We are also bringing back the Dual Scorpions (Premium members only). Make sure to check out the in-game shop and don’t miss out on the holiday products.


Your enemies have been naughty? Give them what they deserve - a lump of coal! Obtainable through our 10 Days Of Christmas Event.


Keep yourself warm with the new Christmas Gloves (increased accuracy +3%) and the Santa Hat (extra headshot defense +2%)! Both items will be given away in our Community events.

Other System Changes

  • Enjoy the wonderful winter atmosphere and listen to relaxing Christmas sounds while you are waiting in the in-game lobby.
  • German client: Some spelling mistakes have been corrected.