Papaya: No Closure for War Rock Service and new Live Stream

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Hello Soldiers,

Today we would like to address a rumor that has been seen being spread around the community.

On October 22nd, an unofficial community group called War Rock Events announced the end of their services on October 28th. We have seen rumors suggesting that this was in regards to the official service of War Rock. However, these rumors are not true. Papaya Play and Dream Execution still have many things planned for War Rock and we will not be closing the service.

We are aware that this rumor may have brought up questions and worries to many. That's why GMMuziq and GMBana will be holding a live stream to answer any concerns you may have regarding War Rock. GMMuziq will also be sharing something he promised with the community. Join us in the live stream on November 22nd, 20:00 (CET) for Global and November 23rd, 03:00 (CET) for SEA on Twitch.

We thank you for your continuous support towards War Rock.

Team War Rock