System Changes

The Website is still under construction. We are working on new features and plugin updates.

One of the biggest events in Germany will start this weekend, the legendary Oktoberfest! You can have pretzels, dirndls and party for a whole month - not only in Germany, but also in War Rock! Enjoy the newest system changes and our new events.

Chat Event

Type in the words "I mog di!" for a chance to win one of the daily chat event items!

EXP Event

Now is the time to boost up extra +100% EXP on Denkmal! Better yet, enjoy 200% EXP Event across all servers on Sept 21st, 22nd,October 3rd.

New emblem

To get in the right mood, you can now embellish your account with the new Oktoberfest emblem!

Oktoberfest Event & Marble Event

This month we have implemented the brand new Oktoberfest event! Collect pretzels, gingerbread hearts and beer all month long in exchange for valuable items.

To party even harder we have implemented a second event this month - the Marble Event! We are glad to announce that we were finally able to fix all of the technical issues with this event. Let the party begin! For everyone who cannot remember how to participate in this event, here is a little reminder:

Marble Event Rules:

Roll the dice and play a match on the map you landed on! For every time you complete a rotation around the board you will receive 5,000 Dinar and a Marble Event ticket (Premium members receive 2 tickets). Then you can use the tickets to get valuable items for free!

CQC & BG maps: You need to play with at least 3 other players in your room and the match must take 5 minutes or longer.

PvE maps: Your match must last at least 10 minutes or longer. You can play in a team or alone.

Starting space & Free Play space: You can play any map you want! (CQC, BG, or PvE).

Jail: You have to play 5 matches (CQC, BG, or PvE) before you can roll the dice again.

Furlough: You have to play a Deathmatch - Kamikaze battle (Pistol, Rifle or Sniper).

Have fun!


Clan War System Changes

We all have been waiting for it and now it is finally here: An improved Clan War point system!

A fresh start for everyone - all CWPs (Clan War Points) have been reset!

- Everyone will start off with 1,000 CWP and for winning a CW match, your clan will receive 1 CWP and if you lose a CW your clan loses 1 CWP

- If your clan has +20 more CWP than the opposing team, your clan can lose more CWP when losing the clan war match (depending on the CWP difference - the bigger the difference is the more CWP you can lose!)

- If your clan has -20 less CWP than the opposing team, your clan can receive more CWP for winning the match (depending on the CWP difference - the bigger the difference is the more CWP you can receive!)

- If your CWP are +1,500 and you do not play any clan wars, your clan will lose CWP for being inactive (-20 CWP/week)

*This is only the start of the Clan War system improvements, and we plan on working with the developers to further optimize the Clan War system.

Bug Fixes & other System Changes

Battle Royale Rewards

The Battle Royale rewards system has been fixed and now if you place top 3 a total of 10x a week, you will receive your rewards!

TMA_1A mines

TMA_1A mines can now only be blown up by the enemy team. The mines will not detonate if you or one of your team mates drive over them.

Tournament Mode - Minimum level requirement

Because of the recent hack issue in Tournament Mode we have decided to add a level restriction to this mode. You can only join the Tournament mode if your account is level 11 or higher.

Premium Mystery Box

The rewards, of the Premium Mystery Box (Premium members only), have been changed.

You can now win the following guns on a daily basis from your free Premium Mystery Box: